Hey All

List of things to do.

  1. Check out the Main Page of the Wiki.
  2. Read any page tagged MustRead.
  3. Read the PCs page.
  4. Make a character by going to the Characters tab.

*Important: I have a tendency to write a lot about ancillary subjects or be overly technical, and while I want you to be informed as PCs I don’t want it to feel like homework. So I added a short version to ancillary or technical Wiki pages. Though I believe you should generally enjoy the long versions. With this in mind if there is no short version I kind-of expect you to have read it. Any pages with vital info are tagged MustRead.

Also I am making the physics up. If you don’t like how they work, believe they are unrealistic (more than the idea of TT in general), or if you have a good idea how to improve something feel free to contact me (fourms, email, phone ect..), but once we start playing they are gonna be pretty set in stone.

Time Travel

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