• Blake Adamson

    Blake Adamson

    average height flat top hair cut and trapped in the time period of his highschool years(clothes, music, phrases) but when it comes down to business theres always a second to straighten the stash and wink at the ladies.
  • C.A.U.L.


    6'0" 304lb. Bald and Shaven, Vibrant Green eyes
  • Felanie LaSouvien

    Felanie LaSouvien

    5'6", short red hair, hazel eyes
  • Natalya Lukanov

    Natalya Lukanov

    Age: 31 Height: 5'7" Weight: 140Lbs. Hair: Blonde Eyes: Gray, Sharp features
  • Tim


  • Carl Jameson

    Carl Jameson

    Tall attractive bald black man in early thirties. Does not take shit from anyone above or below, but protects his people. The Commanding officer of the PCs in the FBI.
  • David Ashwell

    David Ashwell

    The terrorist