Blake Adamson

average height flat top hair cut and trapped in the time period of his highschool years(clothes, music, phrases) but when it comes down to business theres always a second to straighten the stash and wink at the ladies.


Profession-Law enforcement -+1 wealth
-Drive and Knowledge Civics as class skill
-Urban Tracking


I have lived most of my life in the inner-city bustle, my father being a drunken Irish street cop and my mother always bitching about my father and me. Ive several brothers and sisters all of which moved away as soon as possible, but i just couldn’t leave.
Ever since i was young my tongue had been plated with silver, and i had an uncanny ability to find what ever you were looking for, people, drugs, sniffles who ran away a week ago. And people trusted me, they would tell me all the good gossip about what was going on in the street and who was running which gang. This is how i came to find out about my family’s murderers.
So now to keep the streets clean, alone, I sacrifice my life and time. So that children can grow up without fear of the city. Ive no connection with anyone, anymore. LFSWW.

Blake Adamson

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