Born in the U.S on December 12, 2066, My father was Russian Ambassador working with the U.N. We traveled often between the U.S. and Russia. Because of his seat in Russian politics, He was able to retain my Russian citizenship as well as my U.S. natural born citizenship. I was mostly home schooled, taught by private teachers from both U.S. and Russia depending on which country we happened to be in. I had no friends my age. My mother, father and a few of my fathers trusted advisors/friends was all I had for social companions.

My mother died when I was 12. I blamed my father for her death. I knew it wasn’t his fault but the pain of losing her was too much and I felt I had to blame someone. A few days later, I overheard my father discussing with one of his close, life-long friends. Sergei Gurlukovich, General and commanding officer of spetsnaz. He mentioned that he just got the green for a top secret project which included the training of hand picked children 12 and up to be elite spetsnaz agents. I had been looking for a way to get back at my father for my mother’s death. At the sound of this, I immediately burst into the room and volunteered. My father resisted of course. I yelled at him and told him that Mother’s death was his fault and If he really wanted me to be happy, he’d let me go with Sergei. Father reluctantly agreed, He was a weak man, but as long as I kept up with my studies. I agreed and left with Sergei.

After 6 years of training and keeping up with my studies, I finally received my Russian equivalent G.E.D. I was about graduate from the project at the top when upon my last day, Sergei took me into his office. He told me that I shouldn’t hate my father without reason and that what he was about to tell me was a secret between him and my father. He said my father hated my mother but never had the nerve to go through with a divorce. He had been injecting her with iron supplements every night in her sleep for 2 years before her death. She had died from Hepatocellular Carcinoma or cancer of the liver that was later determined in an autopsy. The actual cause of the cancer was declared unknown but the autopsy did show a high iron count. My father burned the autopsy report and rushed the funeral for fear of coming back on him. He blamed the rush on grief and didn’t want to prolong the funeral.

I immediately went to my father and confronted him. He confirmed that it was all true and understood if I wanted to get revenge. He apologized and wished he could take it all back. I told him that if he still loved me he’d let me move to that states alone. He made sure my passports were in order. My last words to him was I hated him and that I will not be back.

Upon my arrival to the states, I immediately went to the Russian embassy and renounced my citizenship. Next, I did the only thing any 19 year old with no family and no money and my kind of background does in this country. I joined the army.

After a year, I got into special forces. Before I knew it, 4 years had passed. I was growing tired of the traditional black-ops charade. I decided to try sniping. I wanted the best training so I pulled some strings to get in with the Marine sniping school since I heard it was the best in the world. It was a 10 week course which I “passed with flying colors” as your people would say. I finished out the rest of my 6 year contract with the Army in special forces, completing a few missions here and there. Some requiring sniper skills, most not. They were all a success of course. I submitted my resume to the F.B.I for a change of scenery and pace and was accepted for Field Agent about 5 years ago. On the side, I’ve stayed in shape and I took the liberty to procure a few toys from Russia and special forces with money I’ve saved up. Don’t Worry, they’re registered and for nostalgic purposes mostly.


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