Character Info

Level: 3

Classes: Any base in Core. If you have another base class you would like to try from alternative sources start a forum thread about it, email me at jsronce82@gmail.com, or just come over and talk to me and I’ll check it out.

Info: You are a FBI agent. You have been with the agency or have experience in your field of expertise for at least 5 years. You are currently a field agent. (This is meant to be vague. Any type FBI agent that would go out on a field mission is acceptable.)

Remember when you pick your equipment most of your equipment for missions will be supplied and as a FBI agent personal weapon use on a mission would be prohibited. (I won’t stop it myself, but if the FBI find out there would be penalties.) That does not mean you cannot or should not have personal protection or other personal items that your character would fit.

You live in New York.

Also feel free to have full lives i.e. families, roommates, or other people your characters would see in their daily lives; hobbies like racing, skydiving, or collecting stamps; traits, like smoking, phobias, or being quick witted. (Try to avoid self-destructive traits. For instance drinking to much occasionally or talking about last weeks crazy party would be fine, but being an alcoholic would be hard for a FBI agent to hide.)

You can create your own character page by hitting the character tab and then hitting the new character button at the bottom of the page. I would recommend that you only put basic info on the Character page and then add a Wiki Page here linking to that page. When you create your character you can designate a slug for that character so that you can link his/her page in the wiki or the adventure log. Tim is the slug for the Template PC I created. You can create your character’s wiki page by hitting the edit button and creating a link by a double brackets on either side of a unique page name. Your the slug for your character and the wiki page need to have different names. Tim is the page for Tim the PC. The difference is adding a colon before the name of a page creates a link to that slug. Notice how Tim’s page is red. That is because Tim doesn’t have a page yet. Tordek is a sample NPC I created. When you add the link hit save and you can then click on the link (which will be red if it does not currently have a page) and create the page. Don’t forget to hit save or create for a new page at the bottom after your done editing.

Justin’s character is Blake Adamson.


Here is a list of gear that you will be provided as members of the FBI. If you feel the need to requisition something else, feel free to ask.

Weapons any or all of the following
Combat Knife, any medium caliber pistol (2d6 damage), or laser pistol a shot gun or assault rifle or laser rifle (kept in vehicle in most cases.) taser or other nonlethal weapon, Earpiece mic/cell phone any concealable armor, tactical armor available for high risk situations on request. (you would still need proficiency with that armor class to get full benefits.) The FBI would provide one PL 6 cybernetic attachment that would be useful for your job i.e. no injector unit to deliver drugs into your body.

Lastly any equipment that can be carried in a small backpack and reasonable for a mission (flash light, hand cuffs, ammunition) and has a purchase DC of less than 13 is fair game, but it all needs to be returned at the end of day. You don’t need to keep track of your daily inventory, you just won’t have access to all of your issued equipment off-duty. You will be able to keep weapons and armor.


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